Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend Stuff

Well another weekend has come and gone and another Monday is upon us.
We made a last minute decision to visit my parents over the weekend.
I spent some of my teenage years in the Springfield area, 
but I have to say that I now have a new appreciation for the city and what they are doing with the downtown.

There are so many super cute shops, a great super market (where we ate lunch) and 
so many fun coffee shops.
We shopped all afternoon on Saturday. 
Then went roller skating to appease the wee ones.

We went back downtown on Sunday to have a cup of coffee before church.
The hunky hubby did some research and we decided on The Coffee Ethic.

I seriously had the best cup of coffee (ok, 2 cups) I have ever drank in my life. Like for reals!
I paid way too much and bought a pound of it to make at home.  
I’m sure my cheap coffee pot won’t do it justice.
I could have drank and drank and drank.
But then I would be in the bathroom all day and that would be no fun. You get the point.

The lighting was so perfect. I could not help but snap a few pictures of the boys.

I would have liked to shoot a few more, but they started getting rambunctious and the college students studying at the table next to us were beginning to give me dirty looks.
So we exited peacefully and without altercation, high on caffeine and ready for church.

We had a nice time, but it was good to get back home.
To my own bed. And my own pillow.


  1. Hi - found you on Bloggy Moms - my blog is: - I'm so excited to start reading what everyone has to say!!!!

  2. Sounds like my kinda weekend. We took my mom to downtown Tulsa to Gypsy Coffee House. Their steamers are the best.