Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy and Crazy

I've got one of each.
Happy with a bit whole lot of sass.
And silly with a bit whole lot of drive his mother to crazy-ness ness.
But oh how I love these two 
full of life
junk food loving [they can't wait to get big and drink "coke and coffee"]
little persons.
They are my life.

Photo by Aunt Becca

Monday, September 26, 2011

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Good Egg

Gentry's Kindgarten class was asked to dress up as their favorite nursery rhyme character. 
I tried my best to convince him that he needed to be an itsy bitsy spider or
"Jack" from Jack and Jill. 
(Something easy, please!?!?!?!)
But he was set on the chubby white egg. 
Once I thought it through it was really rather easy to assemble. 
His favorite part of the song is the "great fall" where he proceeds 
to fall face first on the floor.
We'll see if Humpty Dumpty survives the school day. 
[That Fabric Fusion is pretty impressive stuff]

Monday, September 12, 2011

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wallet Junk

It seems that every store these days offers some kind of reward card. 
And if I shop at the store enough and the discounts are good 
I don't mind the extra junk in my wallet.
I’m no coupon maniac, but I like to save a little here and there. 
I dug through my wallet and thought I’d share a few of the cards 
that I don’t leave home without.

Target Debit Card:  
That's riiiiiiight a debit card.  
I handed the cashier a blank check. 
She tappety tap typed my info into their system and my card 
arrived in my mailbox a week later. 
And now I save 5% off of every purchase I make at Target and 
it comes right out of my checking account. 
How have I not always known about this?  
I think I’ve bought stock in Target having put two kids through
infancy on their brand of diapers, wipes and formula.

Starbucks Gift Card: 
The key here is to register it. You get a free drink on your birthday 
AND you earn stars towards the next level where you get things 
like free refills, free drink customizations and free drinks. 
And I love free. Especially when it involves coffee.

Panera Bread Co: 
I don’t frequent Panera a ton so I honestly had convinced myself 
that I did not need this card in my wallet. 
Until I learned they load free desserts on your card.  
Just for registering it I earned a free cookie. 
And this mama loves dessert. There is always room for something sweet. 
Heck yah, I’ll take your card. Thank you ma’am!

CVS Drugstore
I think drugstores are outrageously priced on most items; 
however they sure know how to have a sale. 
And their clearance aisle can get you some ridiculous deals. 
CVS in particular gives you coupons that can be used just like cash in their stores. 
Cash is good. And it helps that I can pretty much see the CVS from my backyard. 
Late night Tylenol runs. 
Early morning milk emergencies.
Peach rings for my candy addiction. 

I love you CVS.

What cards do you not leave home without?

Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Hunting We Will Go

Apply hunting that is. 
The apple trees were full and though it was hot, the slight breeze reminded us all that Autumn was right around the corner. 
The trees were covered in tangy crunchy apples 
in a variety of reds and yellows and greens.  
We managed to find a few that worms had not invaded. 
(My boys thought the worm holes were so neat. 
They did not know that worms liked apples!)
I'll now be on the hunt for the perfect apple pie recipe. 
A la mode of course.