Wednesday, July 27, 2011


She will wait and wait and wait in hopes that 
something will fall from up above.
Like manna from doggy heaven.
With little legs dangling, Isaak is oblivious. 
But at meal time nothing else in the world matters to Paisley. 
It's no wonder she loves these little boys so much.
They feed her bottomless pit of a stomach.
Crazy dog.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happiness is...

Sunflowers from Trader Joe's to brighten my dining room

A fun new color combination for a sparkly self done mani and pedi

Soccer practice has moved to the backyard thanks to a slight dip in the weather

What is making you happy this week?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Pre-School Thank You DIY

Another milestone is quickly approaching.
Gentry is preparing to say goodbye to pre-school 
and hello to kindergarten.
He's had amazing teachers so I thought I would make them 
each a little token of our appreciation. 
Regardless of age, teachers have a tough job. 

These cute owl stickers are from Target. 
I used pages from an old book to make the bag topper.
Cardstock I had on hand was used for the yellow strips. 
I hand wrote my strips, but you could just as easily print the saying on your computer.

Candles and Pocket Bac were purchased from Bath & Body Works when they had a big sale a few months back.

I can't believe my Gentry is already going to Kindergarten. 
Five years ago it seemed like a world away.
We are excited and nervous and I'm a little sad.

I'm linking up with the party going on over at I heart nap time.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

PB & Banana Monster

Sometimes it's ok to play with your breakfast. 
It keeps little hands busy for awhile and gives me a break 
from soccer practice going on in the house. 
Thanks Daddy for that.
Happy Saturday to you friends.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Is it normal that my 5 year old wants to play with Legos every waking moment?
Like for hours and hours and hours. 
He will barely sit through a Disney movie. 
And now this. So strange. 

Is it normal that I still feel really guilty for not catching said 5 
year old in time from busting his forehead last week.
I was sitting right there. 
I'm sure the guilt will subside soon enough.

Is it normal that I don't always feel like doing the dishes after dinner. 
So I don't.
And then in the morning I wish I had.
Sometimes lying on the couch wins. 

Is it normal that I want to take a trip to Chicago 
just to shop at one store.
Ok so if I went I'd shop at more than one.
I think a girlfriend getaway very soon may be necessary. 

I once heard the saying that the only normal people 
are the ones you don't know very well.

I think I like not being normal. 

I'm totally laying on the couch tonight.
You like my attempt at making dirty dishes look cool?
Paper plates anyone?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

That's gonna leave a mark

Me and the boys took a whole week of vacation this past week.
A week off from the usual. The mundane. The every day.
I was ready ecstatic.
We had fun, we relaxed, and we had a couple scary moments too.
Like a first bee sting, and our first trip to the ER. 
We camped, and swam, and ate, and shopped, and partied.
Without further ado my dears, the week that left a mark or two. 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Now that's a lot of talking heads...

My five year old brought me this creation this morning. 
He was so proud of the "guy" he had built. 
"All of their mouths talk at the same time" he exclaimed.
"But that one with the mean face is the loudest so everyone listens to him."
It amazes me how his little brain thinks and reasons sometimes. 
Even when I think he's not paying attention he is. 
Everything he hears and sees makes some kind of impression on him. 
He soaks it all up and wonders and thinks and asks why.
So to all the loud people with mean faces. 
My five year old is watching you.