Monday, July 25, 2011

Pre-School Thank You DIY

Another milestone is quickly approaching.
Gentry is preparing to say goodbye to pre-school 
and hello to kindergarten.
He's had amazing teachers so I thought I would make them 
each a little token of our appreciation. 
Regardless of age, teachers have a tough job. 

These cute owl stickers are from Target. 
I used pages from an old book to make the bag topper.
Cardstock I had on hand was used for the yellow strips. 
I hand wrote my strips, but you could just as easily print the saying on your computer.

Candles and Pocket Bac were purchased from Bath & Body Works when they had a big sale a few months back.

I can't believe my Gentry is already going to Kindergarten. 
Five years ago it seemed like a world away.
We are excited and nervous and I'm a little sad.

I'm linking up with the party going on over at I heart nap time.


  1. My baby will be 30 this November. I can remember Kindergarten like it was yesterday. Where did it go?

  2. This stirs much emotion in me. While we want our children to grow and learn to be self-sufficient, after all... that's our job as a parent, seeing them do it and knowing you will never have it back, is tough! They grow up so fast.

  3. children do grow fast! i love your gift ideas -- you're so proactive!
    (teachers will truly enjoy these sweet "pat on the back")

  4. What a great idea! And how wonderful for you to honor and acknowledge his teacher. It is a hard tiring job with very little immediate "thank-you's" or pats on the back. I LOVE your handwriting by the way!

  5. Thanks everyone! I like to handwrite as much as possible....I think it makes things more personal...:)