Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Is it normal that my 5 year old wants to play with Legos every waking moment?
Like for hours and hours and hours. 
He will barely sit through a Disney movie. 
And now this. So strange. 

Is it normal that I still feel really guilty for not catching said 5 
year old in time from busting his forehead last week.
I was sitting right there. 
I'm sure the guilt will subside soon enough.

Is it normal that I don't always feel like doing the dishes after dinner. 
So I don't.
And then in the morning I wish I had.
Sometimes lying on the couch wins. 

Is it normal that I want to take a trip to Chicago 
just to shop at one store.
Ok so if I went I'd shop at more than one.
I think a girlfriend getaway very soon may be necessary. 

I once heard the saying that the only normal people 
are the ones you don't know very well.

I think I like not being normal. 

I'm totally laying on the couch tonight.
You like my attempt at making dirty dishes look cool?
Paper plates anyone?


  1. I can't remember so forgive me, but does the 5 year old have ADD or ADHD? My son had ADHD and I learned that they are extremely good with their hands in building/fixing/tinkering with things and it was very true of mine. Just a thought. And you sound pretty normal to me.

  2. He does not show signs of either disorder. For some reason he just loves his Legos!

  3. Sounds very normal to me. (Not certain I have a concept of anything other than what MY normal was) All my kids were always fixated on the toy of the moment and would spend hours on whatever that toy happened to be. Sounds like your son is very good at entertaining himself and has good concentration skills and likes building things. Sounds like a good thing.

    Kids will get hurt, no matter how diligent we are. We do have to blink occasionally.

  4. You and your kids are completely normal. =) Or maybe I'm abnormal?? Wait...there is a strong possibility....haha! Happy loafing..you work hard. The dishes will get done eventually, and Gentry will eventually also tire of legos. Enjoy the Yo Gabba Gabba "free time" and watch something adult appropriate on TV. ;o) You'll be glad you did!!!!

  5. did I hear girlfriend getaway ;)

  6. Yes dear Nina you did! We are watching for Chicago flights on the cheap. Maybe October?