Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Guy Presents

Wondering what to by your favorite guy friend or partner in crime for Christmas? 

Here are a few things that my hunky hubby put on his wish list this year.

He recently fell in love with someone else. 
It's brown and has two wheels. And fenders too. 
I'm only a little bit jealous.
He asked for this and this and this so that he could roll in style. Because with out these three things, he is just not cool. 
Or something like that.

He also likes to read. He asked for this and this and this book.

T-Shirt are his favorite thing to wear. Ever. 
He picked out this and this and this one. 
All hand-made on Etsy. 
Apparently he has a thing for trees. 
And mustaches. (shhhhhh....I do too.) 

They are already playing Christmas music on the radio. 
It makes me happy. Even though I get tired of it by Christmas.

Today was cold. And long. 
Thank goodness for tomorrow. 

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