Saturday, November 6, 2010

Lazy Typical Day

Today is a lazy day.
I'm sipping coffee. Isaak insisted on having a drink. He'll never do that again.
Gentry wanted to know why mommy's and daddy's "like that stuff."
I didn't really have an answer.

The boys figured out how they can share the sit and spin. 

But it did not last long.
Of course the dog had to get right in the middle of them.
She likes the action.

The smiles did not last long either. I had to take the sit and spin away. 

Thinking about going to get the boys' haircut. They are getting quite shaggy. 
It's always an excursion taking them by myself. (Dad is at work.)
The one motivating factor is I might be able to sneak in one of the new cute shops at Zona. 
Just maybe. But probably not.

Later were going to celebrate my great-grandma's birthday. She turned 97.
I hope your Saturday is good. Even if not lazy like mine.


  1. As a mom of a couple of boys (& a girl) That TOTALLY made me smile! The joy of being on it together & then the having to take it familiar :) Glad I stopped by!

  2. Sush adorable pics, especially the one with the dog! Our dog, Dublin, is always trying to play with my son. They are best buds!

  3. Cute boys. What kind of doggy?

  4. Ms. Givens: She is a boxer mix. Crazy as all get out!