Friday, November 12, 2010

Cloudy With a Chance of Sharing

It's was a gray & rainy day.
The house is a mess. 
But it's Friday night. 
So who cares.

Dinner was take out pizza. 
Cause who wants to cook on a Friday night?
Not I.
Then it was time to pick out dessert. From the Halloween candy bucket of course. 
(It will provide dessert for months to come.)

Isaak picked out fruit snacks. They were gone in like two seconds.

Gentry picked out a sucker.

And when there is a candy addict in the family (well technically two of them) you have to share your sucker. 
The fact that Isaak is about the same size as his brother made no difference.
He got up in his lap and made himself perfectly comfortable.
And took over the sucker. 

I'm glad Gentry thought it was funny. I don't like to share my candy. 

We're off to visit grandma and papa tomorrow. 
Oh and I can't wait to visit Elsie's new Red Velvet Shop
So stinking excited!

Time to get my sugar monkeys to bed. 
Good. Night.


  1. Cute pictures of your boys! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Why is it that boys always have the greatest eyelashes? :)

  3. Those photos! I DIE!!!

    I can't wait till C has a younger brother, goodness knows it's all he wants in this life!

    That, and permission to play with the toilet paper. But I'll sooner give him the brother.