Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Grocery Store Blues....No More

I'm not gonna lie. I don't like to go to the grocery store. 
It takes me forever. 
Because I don't make a list.
And I nearly always forget to buy something. Or many things.

Just make a list you might say. Yah...yah....easier said than done in my world.

So today I found the most amazing service ever.

They are Fresh Connect KC and they deliver fresh local and 
organic groceries right to your door. For FREE! 
I am stoked. This could totally change my life. For reals. 

So what did my first order consist of?
After editing my order about 8 times (because they totally allow that.) 
I have finally decided on their bargain box (fruits & veggies), small beef/pork box, cheese, eggs, yogurt and milk.
(The fruits, veggies and cuts of meat change weekly.)  

My first order is supposed to arrive next week. I'll let you know how everything is. 
And maybe I'll share a recipe or two. 
Because now I'll have time to search for some new ones. (yah right)
That don't include Ramen Noodles. (Hey..my two year old loves them.)

Anyways check them out. 
Maybe you could save a few minutes too. 
And support your local economy. 
And feed your family delicious food.

Tell them I referred you. Cause I know you are cool like that.

It really is a win-win for everyone.


  1. I used a service like that when we lived in Nashville, and it was my favorite thing. EVER. That's one of the things I totally miss about moving to this small town... And I look forward to the recipes! =)

  2. Ah! That sounds so amazing! I hate grocery shopping, the stores are always so crowded and I leave so stressed. Ha!

  3. I feel your pain with grocery shopping. It's such a chore. If you are a coupon/list person like I try hard to be it takes so much time for preparations. Then the actual shopping. Then the dragging it in from the car. Finally when you put it all away and want something to eat there is nothing you want and you just spent 150 dollars.

    Great Post.
    Found your blog at Bloggy Moms