Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter Wipe-Out.....A Near Miss

Slow motion.
Sinking heart.
Sudden panic.
I grabbed his snow-pants leg in the nick of time.
He exclaimed "that was fun" giggling all the while.
Rescued from a near face plant right into our neighbor's house.
He never even knew what danger existed.

I wonder if we give the Lord a similar feeling at times?
He grabs us by the pant leg just in time. 
From danger we never knew was there.
I'm thankful for His hand of protection.


  1. Adorable pics. Poem was very nice I enjoyed reading it. Following from MBC


  2. your poem is inspiring. yes children do remind us that we ought to be like them...to be trusting and to be able to "cry Abba, Father"

    Im a new follower.

  3. Love the photo collage! Snow is so much fun for kids, but maybe not as much for us mamas! ;o)

  4. GREAT Photo's!!! That last one is Adorable....the Smile!