Monday, January 10, 2011

Ooooeeyyy Gooooeeeyyy Monday

A snowstorm has arrived blasting the city with a powdery white blanket. 
Think down comforter. 
And in an effort to hold off the littles from begging to play outside at 9AM I asked if they wanted to get messy.

Of course they obliged. And we made magic goo

A perfect way to pass the time and learn a little something too.


  1. You're such a fun mommy! XOXO

  2. Hey jess i'm awarding you w/ the stylish blogger award you can pick it up when the post goes up on Wednesday:) {insert big hug} wish we could get together for some girly time

  3. Well thanks Tara! You are so sweet!!!

  4. I wish I would have found your blog a few days ago! I would have picked your brain on what to do in KC with a 16 month old. Stopping by from MBC and hope you'll follow back at


  5. Oooey gooey funnnnesss!!! We're visiting from MBC and our now your newest followers (#130)! Only 70 more to reach your goal!!! Your blog looks great and we can't wait to visit you often.

    Your new friends,
    koco & viking

    p.s. we're having a fun giveaway that your kiddo might like! if you have a current giveaway, you can linky up to it too.