Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rockstar Moment

He's got chills....and they're multiplyin'
and he's losing self control...
And for some reason all he wants to wear these days is his suit jacket and tie 
with a grubby t-shirt.
Cause apparently that's how rockstars roll.
Four year old rock stars.
And all I have to say is 
Just please hang your suit jacket back up when your
finished wallowing all over the floor in it.
Is that too much to ask?
Apparently for a rock star it is.
Such is life. For the mom of a rock star.


  1. The cutest rockstar EVER. I wish Bradyn would hang his jacket up instead of tossing it in the floor. One can dream.

    I totally got what you were saying with your "words" post. I loved it and had a few people borrow it from me/you on FB. =) Way to keep it real! Life is too short not to be yourself.

  2. That's too funny. Maybe one day it will pay very well!

  3. Being a roadie is just so hard!

  4. What a beautiful site! Love your rocker photos. My son is 4 and loves to show "his moves"

    Glad I found you on Mom Bloggers; I am now following you. Hope you will check me out and follow back:

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  6. thanks so much for participating in my Simple Sundays Blog Hop! Following you now as well!

  7. Hello! Im following you from MBC would love for you to return the follow!
    Adorable rockstar! :)