Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Five

My five favorite hair products and accessories~

  1. Pantene Color Protect Shampoo & Conditioner-Purchased from Target. I’ve tried all the fancy salon brands and I always go back to Pantene.

  1. Redken Outshine Smoothing Cream-Purchased from my local drugstore.         A tad pricey, but so worth the splurge! I use this on my towel dried hair before I blow dry. Perfect for keeping naturally wavy or curly hair from getting frizzy!

  1. Mini Bobby Pins-Purchased from my local drugstore. For that perfect Snooki bump.   Ok not quite that big, but still perfect!

  1. Black Flower head band-Mine is from Target. This one is from Etsy.                         Perfect for those not-so-perfect hair days. I wear mine all the time.

5.  Nexus Finishing Spray-Purchased from my local drugstore. This is also a little pricier than most store brands but it holds my style all day and I am still able to comb through my  hair at night. Not sticky at all!

    Now I need YOUR help. I’m still looking for a great product so that I can get my naturally curly hair wavy-without being crunchy OR frizzy!
    My salon lady says it does not exist.
    I don’t believe her.
    If you have any ideas, please share!

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    1. I don't have an answer in "product form", but I will tell you that I've been washing my hair at night, not blow drying it at all, and letting it air dry while I sleep, of course I put some mousse and hair spray in it. I wake up in the morning to natural curls that aren't crunchy. It's super nice NOT to have crunchy hair... I hate that too...