Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Five: All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth

But since I already have them (thank goodness) I'll take a few other things instead.

Here are five pretty things on my Christmas wish list.

1. Red Toms Shoes (Size 8 in case your wondering)

2. A beautiful Allora Handmade Necklace (in mustard)

3. Sewing lessons from here

4. Funky Fossil tortoise watch 

5. Super cute bird hoodie

The weekend is finally here. 
And it's going to be a busy one. 
Filled with candy, costumes, and did I mention CANDY?
Enjoy it. 


  1. It's definitely that time. My daughter (who, incidently is thrilled about the fact that tomorrow is Halloween), came downstairs with her "first draft" of her Christmas wish list. Love yours. Guess I'd better get busy on mine!

  2. Nice list, I have to work on mine:-) I am now following from Bloggy moms, but have also selected your lovely blog for an award. View it at