Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Holiday weekends are always a whirl wind. 
We tend to pack so much into such a short amount of time.
This past weekend I braved a local water park with both boys by myself because Ryan had to work.  
I'm sure the sight of the three of us in the lazy river was quite comical.
Of course both boys wanted their own tube and the second we hit the water they both fell right through them. They did have life jackets on, but they were flailing around like crazy people. Trying to hold on to them so they didn't float away and keeping the tubes nearby was not an easy feat. We won't be going into the lazy river without dad again.
There are no photos of this adventure because my phone surely would have ended up at the bottom of some pool.

We took Gentry to a Sporting KC soccer game with some friends. 
We had tickets in two different sections so he sat with daddy and I sat with the friends. :) 

Then we celebrated with ice cream. And the kids found a turtle to climb on.

We partied some more and {the boys} took nice looooong naps almost every day.

Ikey decided to have a party all by himself in the lawn chair. 
His laugh is contagious. 
Such a silly boy.

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  1. Young kids in a water park sounds like a lot of work! I'll bet even you needed a nap after that one!