Friday, May 25, 2012

Kindergartener No More

It's the last day of Kindergarten and that is reason to CELEBRATE! 
We've had an interesting year...a few more calls home from the teacher than what I would have liked, lots of laps for talking when he wasn't supposed to and a handful of trips to the principals office. 
He likes to talk. 
I hear he keeps up with the girls. Oh my!  
He did come home with three awards yesterday. He was so excited about them. 
I'm sure they all get them, but that's ok. It made his day to be recognized for his hard work. 
The "Hustle Award" for P.E., reading above grade level and for counting to 100. 
We have an entire weekend of nothing but fun on the agenda and I don't go back to work until Thursday. 
Roller Coasters and Water Slides (and first grade-yikes!) here we come...

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  1. Congratulations on Kindergarten Graduation and officially becoming a "First Grader!"