Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Tree Hunting

We took the boys to cut down our own tree this year and they really got into it.
So much so that I think it will be come a new family tradition.
Ryan was not so sure initially, and it took some begging convincing on my part.
But on the drive home he admitted he had a change of heart. 
He even let us listen to Christmas music while we put on the decorations. {insert gasp here}
The day really was a lovely one. 
Brisk, but not frigid with no puddle in sight. 
Mild enough for only sweaters and scarves. 
My favorite. 
And my littlest let me dress him. 
Although it took everything within me to convince him that he 
did not need to wear his Missouri Tiger baseball cap.
Tell me do you do a real or faux tree?
Real is definetly messier. 


  1. I wish I could have the smell of a real tree bottled up in the artificial tree. *mixed feelings* Your pictures are so fun! Why is it that men are so anti-Christmas traditions. I will admit...I overdo it. ;o) Childhood is so short, and should be F-U-N EVERY waking minute! Can't wait to see pics of your pretty tree.

  2. I haven't put up a tree in several years, real or otherwise. Seriously doubt I will this year either. I don't like the holidays, I just try to survive them.