Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Time Away

Recently Ryan and I were able to escape to St. Louis for the weekend.
It was random and relaxing with no schedule and only a few things on our agenda.
We visited the coolest junk shop. 
And zip lined through the forest.
And chased some chickens. 
And ate breakfast and lunch and dinner with no kids. 
It was nice to just spend time together. 
And focus on each other. 
And have fun.
We came back refreshed and thankful.
There is nothing better than a reenergized mom and dad.
I'm a better mom because of it.


  1. My late hubby and I always believed in time away together. Even if only 2 days. It was reenergizing and made you appreciate more.

  2. I don't recall that EVER happening when my kids were young. Good for the two of you!

  3. I agree completely that a few days away recharges the parenting batteries, not to mention the relationship ones. Good for you for taking a weekend away and coming back energized!