Thursday, June 9, 2011

Deal of the Day

Phew it's been HOT in these parts. 
But I am not complaining. 
After the winter we had, I am LOVING the heat.

I love that my kids get to play outside every day.
Almost as much as I love finding a good deal.

Thank you to the family that donated this wheel barrow to the junk shop near my home.
I snagged it for 50 cents. The only thing better would have been to find two.
Let the squabbling begin. {Does it EVER end?}

Next on the to-do list. 
A haircut for this scraggly looking little boy. 
Hot Summer Days+Scraggly Hair=Stanky Little Boy


  1. Awww, boys really will be boys!! If there's a puddle they find it, if there's a rock, they throw it, if there's a tree they climb it. And my boy is almost 30 and still does this stuff. haha. Cute post.

  2. By my recollection, the little girls smell quite stanky, too! He's adorable! Good deal on the snag!

  3. We had 2 good days of heat here, then was gone, lol
    Great deal on the wagon!

  4. Cute, cute CUTE blog!

    Hi there! New follower from MBC! Hope you can swing by and return the favor:)