Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Morning Went Exactly Like This

6:00am Bliiiiiing* snooze Bliiiiiing* snooze Bliiiiiiing* snooze Bliiiiiiiiing*
6:20am I roll out of bed
6:25amGentry and Daddy still sleeping.
Mommy doing mommy things
Isaak still half naked goes in and wakes Gentry up with a whack
to the face with his Woody doll.
6:27am Gentry: “MOOOOOOM, Isaak is in here messing with me.”
Isaak: “No I isn’t, I just waking G up”
Mommy: “Isaak please go in your room and get dressed.”
6:45am Daddy is finally up and proceeds to wake a slumbering Gentry.
             Gentry: But I just wanna sleep all day. I don’t wanna get up. UGH!
             Why do you MAKE me get up?!?!?”
             (If this is age 5, I silently wonder what 15 will be like!)
             Mommy: From the bathroom, “Gentry the attitude needs to stop.”
             Gentry: “But MOM, Isaak is in MY ROOM AGAIN!
             Daddy: “Isaak please get back in your room and get dressed.”
             I go in to assist.
6:55am Everyone is finally dressed.
            (Long sleeves and rain boots maybe, but dressed none the less)
Shoes on. Except Gentry who can’t decide which shoes
he wants to wear today.
            Mommy: “Boys, you need to come brush your teeth.”
Isaak shows up first. “I wanna do it by myself.”
Mommy: “I would like to help you just a little.”
Isaak fusses some more and we finally get his teeth brushed.
Gentry shows up, still with no shoes on.
Mommy: “Where are your shoes, Gentry?”
Gentry: “But I don’t know which ones to wear.” Half whining.
Mommy: “You have two choices. Pick one.”
He brushes his teeth and goes to find shoes to wear.
Daddy fixes something quick for breakfast and turns a show on.
Juice boxes are sucked dry in 20 seconds.
Requests for more ring about the kitchen.
Those requests are quieted. (Because they will eat breakfast again at daycare.)
A mesh of Dora singing and George Stephanopoulos questioning
a newly announced presidential candidate about someone
calling her a flake.                                
7:00am Daddy leaves for work. Mommy finishes getting ready.
7:15amMommy: “Gentry please go put Paisley in her kennel.”
Isaak: “But I wanna do it mommy.”
Gentry: “ No, Mommy said I’m gonna do it.”
Mommy: “You can both do it together.”
The dog gets 8 treats (one fell just behind her kennel which is making her crazy)
but at least she is inside.
7:20am I open the garage door. I notice Gentry only has one shoe on.
             Isaak dashes outside. I race after him hollering back to Gentry
             once again to hurry and put on his other shoe.
             I open Isaak’s car door and he quickly hops in the car and
             up to the drivers’ seat.
             Mommy: “Please come get in your seat Isaak.”
             Isaak: “I want to drive today.”
             Mommy: “Isaak we need to go. Please come get in your seat.”
             The pleading continues for a few moments.
             And then I snatch him from the front seat and plop
             him into his car seat.
             He’s mad that he did not get to do it himself.
 Whining and back arching continue.
 I finally get him buckled and he is ticked but secure. Phew!
 I take one of three bags of trash from the garage to the curb.
 The trash man forgot our pick-up on FRIDAY.
 They promise me they will be by today.
 Gentry darts out of the house running as fast as he can
 (testing out the shoes he chose)and skids along the driveway.
 Face first of course.
 I race to him to see if there is blood. There is. One bag of trash will have to do.
 I silently cuss out the trash company and proceed inside to mend his scrapes.
7:33am 2 bandages and an ice pack do the trick and we are all three in the car.
Isaak: “I want to see G. Let me see your owies.”
Gentry: “See right here.” As he points to his bloodied lip.
Isaak: “It skinks in here mommy. Gentry’s owie skinks.”
Mommy: “ His owie does not stink. That is outside Isaak. Please hush.”
7:50am We arrive at daycare.
 Clingy hugs and several sloppy boy kisses later I am finally
 in the car by myself.
A few moments to collect my thoughts for the day.
I’m thankful for my life.
And for coffee.
I can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow.

*my version of an alarm clock, just go with it ok.


  1. Yea...sounds about right. Between us, there were 5 kids under the age of 5 when Roger & I got married. I am not even sure how we did it! Lol

  2. Oh my Sherii! I can't even imagine 5 kids!! I'm glad you survived!

  3. I love this! I cant explain why. I just do.

  4. If it's any consolation, they grow up fast and some day you'll miss this. Some of it anyway, even most of it, but not ALL of it. I need a nap just reading about it!

  5. Yowza! You need an award. Every morning. Just saying. Being a mom is challenging, yet rewarding...and sometimes tiring (whining...I can't handle it!) I'm glad to be a mom though! Just as I know you are also. Being a mom brings a whole new meaning to the statement, "I live for the weekends!". YAY for sleeping IN!!

  6. My Grandsons sure can make me laugh!! love reading about their antics..
    Grandma Cracker