Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Weekend

We'll all be wearing our rubber boots this weekend. 
It's going to be a mucky one. 
Tomorrow lots of errands on the agenda. 
Farmers Market if the rain will give us a tiny break.
Laundry mat to wash dozens of burlap coffee sacks. 
{More pillows coming soon to my shop!}
Looking for a new sewing machine.
A bit of antique shopping.
And perhaps a nap if I'm lucky.
Monday will be here all too soon. There is not a second to waste.


  1. Cute! My daughter has a pair of rain boots that she loves to wear!

  2. Love the photo! Also, love your header.

    Thanks for following Wrestling With Retirement! Welcome!

  3. Too funny! All three of mine adore their rainboots, no matter what the weather is.