Friday, March 25, 2011

Pop Pop Pop

I've never heard of popping corn on a cob, 
but when a package of it was floating around 
the office I thought the boys would get a kick out of it.

They just wanted to touch it. 
It was weird.
They couldn't believe it was for eating. 

Wow! It was popping. 
They were amazed. 
Silly boys.

Now that looks more like it.
I added a drizzle of butter and a shake or two of salt and they chowed down.

"Really mom, a picture of me drinking water?"
I couldn't resist.

So thankful it's the weekend.
Snow in the forecast for tomorrow.
Stupid snow. Stay away.
Now I feel like I'm back in third grade.
It's kind of fun.
I should not be allowed to post this late at night.
Good night!


  1. HOw unique! I think i Remember having something like this when I was younger.

  2. Oh wow! I LOVE popcorn. It's my only reason for going to the movies ;) Following you from MBC. Please stop by, Reflect and Realize.