Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dinner AND Dessert....

We rarely go out to eat at nice restaurants as a whole family. 
It's too expensive and we are usually too tired by the time the weekend arrives. 
Friday night we decided to get all fancy smancy by having dinner at one of our favorite local restaurantAND dessert at a sweet little soda fountain and espresso bar
We've been anticipating Little Freshie's opening since we
 first heard that it was coming to the west side. 
Everything we tried was fabulous, but we expected nothing less! 
If you live in KC go and if you come for a visit, add it to your list. 
Yes ma'am. Yes sir. It's worth the trip!


  1. LOVE the pics of the boys....Love Grandma Cable

  2. The boys look like they were pleased with it!