Thursday, May 5, 2011

Weekend Camping Getaway

Last weekend we were able to relax in nature for a few days. 
Although the threat of rain was evident, mother nature took a 
rest and provided us with some lovely weather. 
With the exception of midway through our second night 
{where we nearly froze to death,} it was perfect.
The kids were crazy and into everything. 
But it was ok.
It was ok to be dirty. 
And messy. 
And they were. 
And it was all ok.
It's nice to have a break from running around cleaning
and shushing 
and picking up a trail of items strewn about. 
And even so, by day three I was ready for the comforts of home. 
Dirty dishes and piles of laundry. 
For a nice hot shower and some sleep. 
Crazy how that works isn't it?


  1. Love the pictures, especially the closeups of the kids!

  2. Great photos! I LOVE camping and everything about it. We are planning to go Memorial weekend but right now the entire campground is underwater. I still have my fingers crossed!

  3. Great pictures. Love nature. That pic of the fire was really great. Looks like the kids had a blast too.

  4. Oh that looks so nice! We used to be avid tent campers, but since kiddos we have only tried it once, before Cutie Pie could walk. You're making me want to try it again! The kids look sooo happy!

  5. It was really fun Tricia! We did bring air mattresses to sleep on, but the kids did great!

  6. great time was had by all I see love the woody and jessie dolls my son has one from a long time ago (13 yrs ago or so I guess) He liked Buzz Lightyear that said " infinity and beyond"