Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Whirlwind Weekend

Me and my sister took a quick trip to Wisconsin this past weekend. 
My great-grandmother passed from this life at the age of 97.
She lived a good life. She is in a much better place now.
We had a wonderful Friday night fish fry with old friends and family.
It brought back memories. 
The funeral was in my grandma's old church. 
Everything was just as I remembered it.
Nothing much had changed.  

We relished in the memories.
We celebrated together.
We laughed together
We caught up.
We ate. Cheese curds.
We shopped.

Did I mention we had no kids? It was refreshing.

Until at dinner Saturday evening the phone call came. 
Pre-recorded from United.
Your flight # ??? has been canceled. 
Please press 0 to speak with a booking agent. 
Of course 0 did not work. 
Come to find out all airlines pre-canceled every single flight out of the state of Wisconsin due to a incoming blizzard. 

We drove. And drove. And drove.

Our trip home was long. And at times scary. 
We drove until dark. And then we were finally home.
Tired and a bit cranky. But happy all the same.
And ready for winter to be over with once and for all.
Until next year at least. One can only hope.


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