Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Mutt Puppy

Paisley loves popcorn. 
See that concentration in her eye. 
She's watching me eat popcorn. 
And she wants some. 
Really bad.

Pleaaaase can I have some?

Wait for it....wait for it...wait for it...

Forget about it. Going in for the steal. 

No worries to all of you "grossed out by dog slobber" people. 
Her tongue never left her flappy jaws. 
No worries to all of you "don't let your dog eat people food" people. 
Dropped pieces don't count, do they?
No worries to all of you "letting your dog beg makes a bad dog" people. 
She's already a bad dog.

Ok maybe you should be worried. 
Anybody want a bad dog that begs for popcorn?
No, I didn't think so.
I guess we'll keep her around.


  1. found you from MBC - great blog!

  2. and we have the same popcorn tin but we did not share it with our dog!

  3. She is part Boxer huh?
    I have 2 white Boxer's.
    You were tagged by me yesterday!