Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Power Outage

They said it was a microburst. I said it was scary.
39 hours with no power = not fun. 
One night at a hotel and a little bit of worry later. Life is getting back to normal.
We thought the power would NEVER come back on.

It could have been worse. 
Some of our neighbors had trees fall on their houses. 
We had some minor damage and lost all the food in the fridge.
The fridge needed to be cleaned anyways.

It hasn't looked this clean or empty since we were first married. 
When we only had ice cube trays and a bag of frozen corn in the freezer.

Now we have ice cream cones and waffles. Our priorities have obviously changed. 

I hope our trash truck guys bring their muscles this week. 
These bags are heaaaavvvvyyyy.

In the mean time I'll be waiting for our insurance check so I can re-stock the fridge. 
And cleaning...cleaning....cleaning. 
Fall storms bring big leafy messes. 
And those leaves have invaded my house. 

Tomorrow I will have my first guest blogger.  I'm so excited! 
My great friend Tara will be here to write about God's grace. 

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  1. your fridge is so clean and organized!!! all I can say is WOW!