Friday, September 24, 2010

Patience Please

I'm praying patience lands in my lap or knocks me upside the head one day soon. 
Tomorrow would be nice.

At work I have lots of it. People even comment on my patience. 

But at home. Not so much.
Take this morning for example. 

Isaak was supposed to be getting dressed. He was way too quiet for way too long.
So I went and checked on him.

He was in his brothers room. This is what I found him doing.

Yes that's all 50 of his brothers overnight pull ups. On his body.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Patience please.

Gentry hates going to bed. He comes out a billion times each night. 
Needing another drink. Wanting another kiss. Hungry. Repeat.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Patience please.

And the fighting. Oh dear Lord....patience please!
Recently Isaak has become very protective of HIS toys.

He woke up in the morning saying....That is my nenano (piano) and Genty (Gentry) does not have a nenano.....

The nenano was the reason everyone went to bed early last night. 

I. Was. Done.

Then I received the call. The call from Great Aunt Ginger offering to take the kids to McDonalds for the evening.

Like sweet music to my ears. 

Thanks Aunt Ginger for giving us the night off. 
Maybe I'll have more patience tomorrow. 
Just Maybe.


  1. That is too funny!

  2. This is the story of our lives! I took care of disabled folks even wiping their bottoms for them at times..talking them out of why playing in the road was not a good idea...had one wearing a helmet knock glass off shelves at hobby lobby once.. had couple sneak out of house to "discover life"...I could keep going.. Moral of the story: I just thought that job taught me patience! My daughter has since taught me I still don't know what it means to have patience!

  3. Just look at how proud he is of himself! LOL! At least he is getting a lot of practice getting dressed by himself. Eli still wants me to help him with EVERYTHING, even eating! I can't wait till he gets just a little more independence. Not too much, but a little would be nice! :)