Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wanna See My Mess?

It's no secret.
I am not the most organized person. And with my busy crazy life. 
My bathroom closet has gotten pretty SCARY looking.

Yikes! This is how looking at THAT makes me feel!

I figure if I share my mess with the world it will embarrass me enough to do something about it.
Maybe. Hopefully. We shall see.
This is my inspiration.

Photo courtesy of
Better Homes and Gardens makes everything look easy!
The good news is I have purchased my organization containers.
So step one is complete. Now for steps two-ten! 

It won't be happening this weekend because my lovely sis-in-law is getting married on Saturday.

Go Heather and Jesse! 
You guys are awesome and I can't wait to celebrate your special day with you.

I did accomplish at least one goal this week. ALL of my too small baby clothes are sorted and priced and tagged AND delivered to the Just Between Friends drop off location.

If you are in the KC area and you want to shop some great deals you should GO.
Check out the date & location information here.

I hope I make some cash. That was a lot of work. 
So go buy some stuff. OK?

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  1. I'll come organize your closet Jessica! I love organizing! You need to check IKEA out and add some organizational items to your hubsbands list to get the job done!